Soul Realignment

Duration: 45 min via zoom

Are you living by your Soul’s original blueprint?

In the Soul Realignment® session I will give you insights into your Soul’s blueprint of origination and created blocks and restrictions over several lifetimes. You will receive guidance in what patterns to change in your life to live more by your Soul’s original blueprint, inviting you to take responsibility and use your power of free will. Your Akashic Records will be entered and cleared before our session. The session will be recorded for you to listen again afterwards.

Turn around time is two weeks (please book an appointment after two weeks from now)

Soul Realignment Property Clearing



Are you still vibrationally aligned to your home?

We are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned to us. It’s not uncommon that, after a Soul Realignment® session has been done, you become vibrationally misaligned to your property.

The property clearing will remove energetic blocks in your home through the Akashic Records, so it’s realigned to your highest purpose. This modality is only available if you are the lawful owner or tenant or if you have their permission for the clearing.

You will receive a confirmation email after the clearing is done

Turn around time is one week.

Light Language Transmission


Do you need Divine support?

Light language is the Divine caught in sound vibrations through my voice.

A personalized light language transmission is channeled especially for you to receive whatever it is you need right now.

It can be used as a meditation and can be used as many times as you feel called to.

You will receive the personalized transmission through email.


Turn around time is one week.