Anxiety to Entrepreneur 

Do you dream of starting your own business but do you also feel anxious and resistant in this process? In this course you will learn how to turn your pain into fuel for your dreams. You will learn why we get anxiety, build the foundation of your dream business, learn how to deal with anxiety and taking your first steps in really building your business.

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Sacred Relationships

In this course you will learn how to build a safe, strong, conscious and boosting relationship you both can learn and grow in.

After this course you will know how to create safety for yourself and your partner, learn more about yourself and taking responsibility for yourself in this relationship.

Masterclass Emotions

We are confronted with them every day, but we do not always get to know them in a conscious way.

Not recognizing and acknowledging emotions enough can cause problems in your sense of well-being and in relationships.

In this course you will learn more about emotions and how you can best deal with them.