(1, 5 or 10 sessions)

Online via Zoom

For those who are on the path of self discovery I offer holistic coaching. You will be provided a safe space to discover higher perspectives, expand and do shadow work, so you can leave all that’s keeping you from living your highest timeline.

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What will I receive?
✦ 1, 5 or 10 transformational 1 on 1 sessions (45 min each) through Zoom
✦ Psychological and spiritual guidance in a light-hearted way
✦ Insights in underlaying patterns and blockages & higher perspectives on your situation
✦ Goal-oriented inspiration to take action steps towards change
✦ A stronger connection to your own inner healer
What is Priya's field of expertise?

I particularly specialize in guidance on:

✦ Self Love
✦ Inner Child
✦ Empowerment
✦ Heart Wall Clearing
✦ Womb Clearing
✦ Ancestral Healing

Feel free to contact me if you have another question you would like to work on. I work with both men and women.

Is this the right coaching for me?

The 1 on 1 sessions are perfect for you if you feel a desire to learn more about yourself and if you are ready to break out of old paradigms.

I will only work with you if you are ready and willing to take full responsibility and accountability for yourself and your life, even if that means experiencing ‘growing pains’. You will be held through this all in this safe space.


Online via Zoom

We are not only our personalities, but we are also our souls. With this unique reading you can get to know yourself on a soul level through the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are etheric fields in which all information is stored that can guide us on this journey called life! Watch your life transform in magical ways!

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Which readings suits you the best?

✦ Soul Profile (€175)
Every soul is unique and so is yours! With this reading you will get a description of your soul’s characteristics, which can help you in making aligned decisions more consciously in life.

✦ Soul Profile & Blocking Patterns (€257)
In this reading you will not only receive insights in your soul’s characteristics, but you will also be shown which patterns are blocking you from living from your soul, which are originated in this or past lifetimes.

✦ Manifesting Blueprint (€222)
As unique as your soul is, so is your way of manifesting the things you want in your life. Learn what is the best way for you to shift your vibrational state from one to another according to your Soul’s qualities.

✦ Full Pack (€547)
Get the full experience with this package including the Soul Profile & Blocking Patterns & the Manifesting Blueprint.

What will you receive?
✦ One session full of transformational insights through Zoom. The length depends on the specific reading
✦ Suggestions how to translate your Soul’s uniqueness into daily action
✦ Guidance on how to live fromyour Soul,break blocking patterns and/or how to manifest best
✦ Clearing of your Akashic Records
✦ A recording of the session
Is this the right reading for me?

These readings are perfect for you if you are ready to step it up and really want to investigate and live your life purpose. You are ready and willing to take full responsibility and accountability for yourself and your life.

And also when you feel an inexplicable pull towards these readings, which means your Soul is calling you!



Ready to remove heaviness and obstables for your self, your children, your house or pets? With these Energy healing sessions we can clear away all that is ready to be let go off in a very easy and fast way.

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Which clearings are available?

✦ Energy Clearing Adult (€111)
Clearing stagnant energy by going back to experienced emotions and release them so things start flowing again for you! This session is being experienced as relaxing and relieving.

✦ Energy Clearing Children/Pets (€111)
Children and pets can also be prone to emotions getting stuck in their systems, leading to problems like uneasiness, fear or other (physical) complaints. In this session we can release that, while they don’t necessarily have to be present physically.

✦ House Energy Clearing (€150, not a session)
If you feel something is ‘off’ in your home, there might be an energetic disbalance going on. This clearing helps clear this away and make you feel perfectly at home again! After the clearing you will receive an e-mail in which you can find what has been cleared. This service is remote.

What will you receive?
✦ One session in which we work on your specific issue through Zoom
✦ The House Energy Clearings are remote. You will receive an e-mail describing what was cleared when the clearing is done
✦ Reconnection to your self healing ability
Is this the right clearing for me?

These clearings are perfect for you (or your child or pet) if you feel stuck and stagnant, if you have physical complaints and searching for relief.

When you feel an inexplicable pull towards these clearings, it probably means your are being guided to clear out some old stuff!