Self love
high-demanding of yourself?

Becoming the more compassionate, self-loving and softer version of you

After this 10-session Self Love journey you will have:

✦ Built more self compassion
✦ Improved your self care
✦ More connection to your feelings
✦ Awareness on self-sabotage mechanisms
✦ Learned your boundaries and how to set them
✦ Cleared stuck emotions and old trauma
✦ A more loving relationship with yourself
✦ More joy & pleasure

Online via Zoom
€1997 (incl VAT)

Inner child
Feeling stuck & uneasy?

Reconnecting with the little one inside, for the energy to flow free again

After this 10-session Inner Child journey you will have:

✦ More awareness on your emotional needs
✦ Cleared stuck emotions and old trauma
✦ Learned how to regulate your emotions
✦ A more balanced nervous system
✦ More connection to yourself
Improved relationships with others
✦ More energy, joy & pleasure in life

Online via Zoom
€1997 (incl VAT)

Feeling weak & Vulnerable?

Finding new depths of strength, truth and trust in yourself

After this 10-session Empowerment journey you will have:
✦ Gained more confidence and self trust
✦ More courage to take up space and be heard
✦ Learned how to set boundaries
✦ Cleared stuck emotions and old trauma
✦ Found the true power in yourself
✦ A more balanced nervous system
✦ More energy & vitality

Online via Zoom
€1997 (incl VAT)

Heart wall
Feeling numb & disconnected?

Becoming more open-hearted and vibrant in your relationships

After this 10-session Heart Wall journey you will have:

✦ Learned how to communicate with an open heart (even in conflict)
✦ Awareness on your defense mechanisms in relationships
✦ A more balanced nervous system
✦ More connection to your feelings
✦ Cleared stuck emotions and old trauma
Improved relationships with yourself and others

Online via Zoom
€1997 (incl VAT)



Akashic Soul Blueprint
Higher insights

Get to know yourself on a soul- level and start living your life from that level

This Akashic Records reading to get awareness on your Soul’s gifts and behavourial patterns (originated in this or past lifetimes) that keep you from living from the Soul. 

After your permission I will go into your Records to read. That what is ready to be cleared will show up. Your records will also be cleared on your behalf.

The session will be recorded and sent to you, so you can listen to it again later.

Online via Zoom (60 min)
€257(incl VAT)

Take it further with the Manifesting Blueprint of Property Clearing or book a full package!

More of the Akashic Records
Deepen the Journey

Take your co-creation with with the Akashic Records to a next level

Manifesting blueprint
Learn what is the best way for you to shift your vibrational state from one to another according to your Soul’s qualities. The session will be recorded and sent to you after the sesson.

Online via Zoom (45 min)
€222 (incl VAT)

House Clearing
If you feel something is ‘off’ in your home, there might be some energetic disbalance going on. This clearing helps clear this away and align you again to the house.

This is not a session.
You will receive an e-mail when the clearing is done.
€150 (incl VAT)

1:1 cacao ceremony
Heart Expansion

Connect to the Divine and be guided in a powerful way that goes beyond the mind

Connect to the spirit of the Cacao with pure ceremonial cacao. Cacao is a heart opener, aiding in connecting more to yourself and others around you.

We set an intention and make a journey into ourselves with movement, sound, meditation, energy healing and/or breathwork! There’s be room to share what’s on your heart in a safe environment.

Online via Zoom or in person when in area

Price on request for ceremonies ex/incl Cacao shipped to you (NL/ES only)

Also available for 2:1 ceremonies to share with a loved one