Hello, Beautiful Being

I’m so excited that our paths have crossed today – as of course they were always meant to.

Allow me to tell you a bit more about myself. My name is Priya Sunitadevi and it is my soul mission is help people realign to themselves by journeying inside and turning their pain into purpose. Nothing fills me with greater joy than to see others grow and reconnect with themselves and others. 

I am a trained healthcare psychologist,

Emotionally Focused Therapy relationship therapist and yoga teacher (Integral Yoga & Yin Yoga). In addition, I have followed many different courses in the field of psychology and spirituality. From all these modalities I took what resonated for me and made my own mix intending to bridge heaven and earth. I love to combine knowledge from science and higher consciousness with wisdom gained from my own experience. For me it’s important to walk my talk and I’m still healing and learning every day.

My style is warm, loving, authentic and straightforward

I like to get to the core, where I will gently invite you to take responsibility for what is keeping you from manifesting what you want. My intention for you is to experience that you’re the creator of your own reality. You can be sure you will receive important insights about yourself and concrete tools that are aligned to you every session.

I am looking forward meeting you and would be honored to be a part of your journey!

Love, Priya

Being interested in personal development and spirituality from a young age,

my spiritual journey really took off on December 21st 2012.  Followed by years of learning experiences, periods of healing and developing myself professionally and spiritually. In 2020 things started to expand and I stepped into my soul mission even more. I really started allowing the Divine essence to flow through me and it felt like it all came together. Remembering myself for who I truly am, I decided to leave the regular psychology working field after years and birthed Rise From Love.