Hi there, Dear

I’m so excited that our paths have crossed today!

I’d love to introduce myself to you. My name is Priya Sjambar (Rotterdam, The Netherlands 1988) and my soul’s gift is to guide people realign to themselves by providing insights and deepening. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to see others grow and connect to themselves and others in a deeper way. 

I am an experienced psychologist,

relationship therapist (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and yoga teacher (Integral Yoga & Yin Yoga). In addition, I have followed many different courses in the field of psychology and spirituality. From all these modalities I took what resonated for me and made my own mix intending to bridge both worlds as a holistic coach. I love to combine this knowledge with wisdom gained from my own experience. For me it’s important to walk my talk and I’m still healing and embodying every day.

My style is warm, loving, authentic and straightforward

I like to get to the core, where I will invite you to take responsibility for what is keeping you from manifesting what you want. To collect the parts of you that got lost along the way. My intention for you is to experience that you’re a powerful being and the creator of your own reality. You can be sure you will receive important insights about yourself and concrete tools that are aligned to you every session.

I am looking forward meeting you and would be honored to be a part of your journey!

Love, Priya

Being interested in personal development and spirituality from a young age,

my spiritual journey really took off on December 21st 2012. Followed by years of learning experiences, periods of healing and professional and spiritual development. In 2020 things started to expand and I stepped into my soul mission even more. Remembering myself on a soul level and my soul’s gifts, I decided to birth Rise From Love after 10 years of psychology and regular mental healthcare to serve the world with my own unique medicine for those are ready to take it!


Post-doctoral Healthcare psychologist (BIG)
(RINO Group 2014-2016)
Psychology bachelor and master
(Free University Amsterdam 2007-2011)
Bachelor of Leisure Management
(InHolland 2006-2010)
Yoga teacher training 200 hours
(Integral Yoga Netherlands 2011-2013 2016-2017)
Spiritual Healing
(Integral Yoga Netherlands 2014)
Yin Yoga 50 hours
(Arhanta Yoga Netherlands 2020)
Emotionally Focused Therapy (Register)
(EFT Netherlands 2019)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Course 100 hours
(VGCt Netherlands 2016)
Group Dynamics/Group therapy 30 hours
(NVGP Netherlands 2016)
EMDR Basic course
(EMDR Association Netherlands 2015)
Meditation deepening 30 hours
(Integral Yoga Netherlands 2020)
Soul Realignment Training
(Andrrea Hess 2020)
Emotion Code Practioner Training
(Discover Healing 2022)


E-health (Minddistrict 2013)
Trauma stabilization (GGZ Delfland 2013)
Diagnostics personality disorders (GGZ Delfland 2013)
Problem solving therapy (GGZ Delfland 2013)
Interpersonal psychotherapy (GGZ Delfland 2014)
Schema therapy (GGZ Delfland 2015)
Domestic violence & child abuse (Dessaur Training 2013)
Introduction to Pharmacotherapy (GGZ Delfland 2013)
Suicide training (113online 2009 & GGZ Delfland 2013)
Autism spectrum disorders (Center Autism 2016)
Shared decision making (GGZ Delfland 2013)
Recognizing mental disability (GGZ Delfland 2013)
Yoga in burn-out (Anneke Sips 2018)
Yoga Nidra (Yoga Centre de Haan 2018)
Yoga for dogs and humans (Silverlinde 2017)
Hara 1 & 2 (Integral Yoga Netherlands 2019)
Sacred Sexuality (Dakota Chanel 2020)
Sacred Economy & Entrepreneurship (Water Priestess 2020-2021)
Sex Priestess Initiation (Mother is Rising – Luna Ora 2022)