Energy Healing

✨ Let that stuck energy flow again ✨

In my coaching I use energy healing to release trapped emotions (energy in motion). With this we resolve accumulation of emotional baggage that we all have with releasing each trapped emotion. To bring you to a higher level of frequency and, through that, the world too. Because what you release for yourself, you release for the collective too.

The aim is to help you to feel more light and in control and it could help you to experience feelings at an appropriate intensity for the situation. Creating freedom from the baggage that influences us all.

We are not deleting or altering memories, but just removing the emotional charge of those memories. Your subconscious mind may bring up painful memories less often because it doesn’t need to get your attention anymore now that the emotional charge has been removed. It is about creating a clean slate for every man, woman, child and animal on this planet.

The goal is not to stop you from ever feeling that particular emotion again, but to create a cleaner slate so that when you do feel it again, you won’t trap it and you will able to act more from alignment instead of trauma. And to learn that our emotions can be helpful guides in our lives.

If you feel a ‘yes’ when you read this, your body might be ready to release some! Book your session below and let’s get to work 🔥


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