The Illusion of Healing

✨ The Healing-Loop✨

As everything our ego is involved in, we can get stuck in a loop.

This also goes for the healing journey. We think we are healing because we do all these wonderful things, but actually we are still avoiding ourselves. These healing modalities function as an illusion of control and keep our ego’s busy, yet creating distraction from what really needs to be addressed.

Only when we are ready to release the ego resistances and surrender to what there is, true healing can take place. The ego must learn how to be the servant, not the star of the show.

True healing can only take place when you are fully ready to let go of all illusions. To face how you are bullshitting yourself in radical honesty, with this glittery image of ‘look how well I’m doing on my healing journey 🦄🌈’.

If you are ready to cut the crap, book an exploration call with me!

And if you’re ego is triggered now, congratulations! It means it’s showing you something that is still in the way of you totally surrendering to yourself, to life and to the Divine!

Happy true healing fam! ✨

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