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If you would ask me ‘What is the core to healing?’ I would definitely say it’s innerchild work.

After working many years as a psychologist I discovered that there’s a neglected, vulnerable, scared and/or vigilant innerchild under every depression, anxiety disorder, trauma, eating disorder, addiction or any other mental complaint.

Also when you don’t deal with mental issues like that the innerchild is often overlooked in adults.If you experience any problems in (romantic) relationships, parenting, work/life-purpose or with your self (self-image, self-esteem), you are probably dealing with an overlooked innerchild. We become the parts, we repress in ourselves.

Innerchild work is thorough and intense work. But it’s needed to really live a life from balance, joy (the happy innerchild!) and love. And to also not pass on unresolved issues on your children or other people in your life.

Have you noticed your innerchild? Do you take care of it?

If you are ready to integrate the pieces and willing to take responsibility for your truest wellbeing I would love to guide you in a 3 or 6 month coaching programme. We will connect to your innerchild and give it what it needs in a safe healing space.

I also offer a Innerchild Dayretreat on Sunday the 16th of January! You can book your spot below by making a deposit! More information on the dayretreat here.


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