Trauma Triggers

✨ Trauma Triggers ✨

Triggers are external stimuli (an image, smell, person etc) or internal stimuli (thoughts, flashbacks), that bring about a combination of bodily sensations, thoughts and emotions that have been felt during or after a trauma.

When I started working as a psychologist in the mental health care, I learned that people had to distract themselves when triggered because it was said they wouldn’t be able to handle the triggers. These were people that survived war, rape or long-lasting emotional neglect for instance and they were still doing what they can to make a living and bearing their children in the best way possible.

I remember feeling a lot of resistance, because it felt like victimizing and belitteling them. What do you mean can’t handle the trigger? They survived the trauma itself ffs!

When I started working without supervision my maingoal in trauma therapy was bringing these beautiful, resilient souls back into their empowerment. Empowerment they lost when they underwent trauma and started to believe they were victims.

Learning them they are able to handle triggers, that they are strong and able to carry their emotions. Moving through triggers, with knowing they only come up to be released. To be seen, heard and felt. Not to torment and agonize you. To remember your power to carry again.

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