Life Purpose

✨ Living your Life Purpose ✨

We all came to this planet with an unique combination of gifts and talents. There’s no other like you, because your Soul is an unequalled expression of Source. This means that only you can bring into this world what you came here to bring. This is your lifepurpose. When you live your lifepurpose, you are aligned to your Soul and life force can flow freely, making you healthier and more resilient in life.

Unfortunately finding out what this thing really is, isn’t being facilitated by society and our educational system. We are living in structures that are actually encouraging you to live a life that’s standardised and focused on surviving instead of thriving and expressing your gifts. Eliminating risks, looking for security and comfort and not thinking and acting outside the box. These behaviours are detrimental to our Souls.

Yet we keep ourselves there, because sometimes we don’t know how to go about it. It can also bring up fear and other shadows. In my practice I have seen many times the switch only comes when a burn-out, depression or trauma is triggered or the calling of the Soul gets so loud we cannot ignore anymore.

The Soul just wants to express itself; to be and to create. It wants to have space to play and become visible in this world. To literally bring a piece of heaven on earth.

We are all on different places on this path. Me myself I broke through a lot presubscribed notions of what I thought was real happiness and love. I’m living a life now in which I’m honoring my soul and living by it’s guidance.

And I wish for you to live like that, so you can gift yourself and the world the best version of you.
If you are in need of loving guidance with that I’d be happy to provide that for you, no matter where you are on this journey.

I offer 3, 6 and 9 month transformative coaching containers to help you get to connect to yourself and, if you are open to it, your life purpose more deeply. Book your service below!

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