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✨ Conscious (Social) Media ✨

Today we step into the world of information available to us every moment of the day and how to make conscious choices!

Listening to the news in the morning or throughout the day for me feels like taking a bitter pill everytime I was consuming it. Eventhough I never was used to watching news regularly, I stopped listening to news definitely in 2014. I noticed that all things that were shared were negative and about problems and situations I couldn’t do anything about myself. Also no solutions or hopes were given, the negativity was just dropped and it contributed to feelings of powerlessness and helplessness for me. Which aren’t the greatest states to be in if you want to be healthy and powerful. I attached the emotional spiral to this post, where you can see the different frequencies of emotional states. Be mindful of what you allow in your field. You don’t have to consume this negativity because you should be up to date about what’s happening in the world. All that is needed will come to your awareness when it’s meant to.

Ditching my television in 2015 was such a great one for me. Tell-a-vision, the name says it all. Messages that get out there are carefully directed by the ones that pay for it. Eventhough we get to choose channels, we actually don’t have a choice of what we consume contentwise. I remember when I was younger I used to change the channel when the advertisements came on, because I refused to be brainwashed by these commercials without my consent.
Of course you can’t control the content of what’s out there 100%. There are advertisements on busses, buildings, in your e-mail etc. And we don’t have to control that, but we can choose to be aware of it and make conscious choices in where we want to consent to. The difference then is that you then do it from conscious choice instead of habit or indirect subconscious influence.
I eventually skipped the radio for the same reason and started listening to the music of my choice, so I was in charge of what came into my field as much as possible instead of an outside medium. I don’t miss the television. If I want to watch something I can look it up myself or watch a documentairy or something, but that hardly ever happens. It’s beautiful to see how you will make choices that align more to you when you stop with habits that slipped in from a young age.

Social Media
From a young age I used digital means of communication like MSN & ICQ and communitypages to connect with other people. I really enjoyed these media, as they gave me an opportunity (a-port-to-unity). I delayed engagement on Facebook as long as possible, but gave into that in 2011 when I wanted to share holidays pics with my friends and family who were all on the platform. So in the name of convenience I cave in. I still enjoyed the social aspects as I was able to connect to my family living in different countries, keeping in touch with classmates and following their journey and later also being able to learn more about the topics I like.

We don’t have to demonize SM. We can just choose to be conscious on what we follow.
I continuously ask myself if what I consume is educational, expanding my awareness, lifting me up and empowering me or if is it bringing me out of balance, making me anxious or worried. I regularly unfollow pages and groups if they don’t match my needs (anymore). I recommend MarieKondo-ing your social media platforms sometime 😉.
In my opinion I use my phone more often than I feel is necessary, so I am trying to be mindful of that as well. Now I don’t sleep with my phone next to my bed so I can wake up slowly before grabbing my phone the first thing in the morning.

What are things you do to consume media consciously? Feel free to share ans inspire us!
Where would you like to to spend your time on if you would be less occupied by (social) media and news?

The next topic will be beauty products! 

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