Series: Conscious Relationships

✨ Conscious Relationships: 3 tips ✨

Today we are talking the Conscious Consuming of relationships.

Who do you surround yourself with? Your tribe is so important for your growth and (mental) health.
Feeling safe and supported is a basic need when it comes to feeling healthy and happy, but we might find ourselves in relationships where we don’t get to experience that. Oftentimes we play out our childhoodwounds in any adult relationship, but particularly romantic relationships. It gives us the opportunity to either enforce the trauma or heal by working through the triggering. Sometimes people just align to you and enter your life for you to heal and learn something. To teach you how to love yourself or how to set boundaries. If you can view relationships from that point of view you take back your power, instead of getting stuck in victim consciousness where things happen to you.

Have you ever asked yourself what you think is important for you in bonds with other people? And do you get that out of your relationships right now? Who are you allowing into your space?
To me personally it’s important to feel supported and empowered. With some of my friends and familymembers I went on a journey to create this. With some it came naturally, as if we were drawn together. And with others it’s not fully there (yet?).

How does your body react in certain social situations? Make that your main guideline in navigating social relationships.
Be curious and open to learn on this journey, but never forget to put yourself first. This helps the other person as well, eventhough we might have learned different when we were young. There also has been a lot of social programming on what’s ‘polite’ and how not to hurt other by comprimising ourselves. You may let that go and enjoy your relationships consciously and aligned to your needs fully!

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