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✨ Conscious Environment ✨

What energetic environment are you choosing for yourself?

The place you reside in also influences your energfield. That is your house, your workingplace, your car (if you own one) and the places you visit.

A messy room has a different effect on you then a clean, tidy room. Decluttering your house (and workplace and also your car id you have one) is a great way to resolve stagnant energy in those places, but also in yourself. I love the Marie Kondo method, examining each and every item you own to see if they spark joy. Why would you want to surround yourself with items you don’t use or even like (anymore)?
Smudging a space with sage or others herbs (intention is the most important thing here) or burning candles can help to clear up heavy energies as well.

Radiation and electronical devices also influence your field. I’m especially aware of this in my bedroom, so no tv’s and telephones in my bed. There are crystals you can use to neutralize your space as well.

There are many ways to clean your personal energyfield. For me being in nature and taking baths are my favourite. Nature has a very balancing and recharging effect. Have you seen those white orb-like thingies floating around in the air on the beach or in the forrest when you squeeze your eyes? That’s prana. It’s everywhere but those areas are especialy filled with them.
Water is so cleansing. I feel so much different after taking a bath or swimming in natural water.
There are also exercises to clean your field. Using your hands to ‘clean’ the bubble around you by making 8-figures or strokes in the air. I sometimes use a washcloth to intentionally clear my field under the shower.

What do you do to keep you energyfield clean? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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