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✨ Conscious Food & Drinks ✨

Yesterday I shared about my conscious food journey, continuing today with more food and drink stories! This obviously is not the ‘right’ way to do things. There is no right way, there’s only your way. Keep feeling what resonates for you and do or try that!

With the cut back on sugar I also stopped drinking alcohol for a few years, as alcohol is behaving like sugar in your body spiking the bloodsugar quickly. I could feel my body coming into a rush when I would drink alcohol, as if I had eaten a lot of candy.
I drank alcohol every now and then after not really ‘impressed’ by it anymore. But after two nights out drinking more alcohol I really felt how it energetically brought me down and fogged me for the next days. I also didn’t enjoy the feeling of being ‘wasted’ anymore and I wanted to feel like myself more actually. After that I chose to not drink it anymore.

The beautiful thing of stop doing something for a while and then introduce it back into your life really gives you the opportunity to feel the effects of it on your system and also observe your beliefs about it. This brings me to my fasting journey! Over the last years I did regularly intermittent fasting and a couple of longer fasts. From August 2020 until now I did some longer fasts (3 waterfasts (2, 3 & 4,5 days) and 2 raw skrewed juice fasts (3 & 5 days).

My fasting journey brought me so much healing in beliefs about my body and mind. We are so underestimating how powerful we are, telling ourselves false stories about food. So much programming has been done on our food consumptions: about what is healthy, sociable and needed to not faint or get dizzy. I feel it’s so important to align that to your body’s truth.


My last fast on water 4,5 days went effortlessly; barely hungry and no foodcravings at all. The more you fast, the deeper you get, the more programming gets released as I was discovering more and more about myself. Also it helped my body restore an elbow injury I had for months that was healed in my 2 day waterfast. Consuming food takes a lot of a lot of life force, especially with heavy foods like meats and complex carbs and fasting is giving the body space to heal itself.

From September 2020 I started drinking ionized water which was a gamechanger for me as well. This water is more structured and literally helped me to get structured more as well. Because of the ionization process it can really enter the cells. Water that comes from the tap is positively charged, while it’s better for you to drink negatively charged water that contains anti-oxidants. The alkalinity levels of the water is balancing out the body that’s for most people in the West predominantly acidic eating processed and polluted foods, which causes dis-eases. Drinking this water also brought up a new detoxing fase.

I never was a soft drink person and drink coffee in moderation as I didn’t want to become dependent on caffeine. Cacao is a great replacer for coffee as it sharpens the mind as well in a more stable wat and less in highs and lows. In 2020 I started drinking raw ceremonial cacao mixed with oat milk and spices because of the physical benefits (it contains a lot of nutrients), but also because of the spiritual benefits of opening the heart and connecting to the spirit of Cacao.

I don’t like to constrict myself in eating habits, I’m too wild for that 🤪. I eat what I want whenever I feel like it, but the things I feel like eating did change from 5 years ago. I like to stay fluid and eat and drink what my body is asking for and what I am guided to take in, even if that means drinking alcohol or eating meats in the future. This whole process of conscious consumption made me aware of what I put in my body, so I can keep making conscious choices and try not to program myself in a new way.

Next up I’ll be sharing about the conscious consuming of music! 🎶


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