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Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What is your body obsorbing through your skin? A lot of beautyproducts contain several toxic ingredients. Have you ever thought about what happens if you use these products day in day out?

There are good alternatives for different products now a days. You can also make products yourself. Check out Pinterest for nice ‘recipes’.

I’m in the middle of exploring alternatives in this specific topic myself. I never really was very interested in beauty products and honestly didn’t really care about looking like people in magazines. My skin and hair are very easy to maintain, so that doesn’t motivate as well, lol. This is what I’ve learned over the past years.

The toxicity of this one was the biggest shocks to me. Using sunscreen can actually cause skincancer instead of preventing it. It also blocks out vitamin D absorption. The sun is such a big healer. I got so much heart activations back in May when I went sunbathing topless. Without the sun we wouldn’t have plants and food! Also look what happens when the sun comes out: people become happy and alive. Aren’t we just a bunch of complicated sunflowers? 😆🌻
But we have learned otherwise. That we should protect ourselves from it, because it’s dangerous. Gradually building up sunlight exposure (tanning), not burning your skin (so go out of the sun when your skin becomes red) and not using sunglasses (so your brain knows what hormones to make to keep the body balanced by being exposed to the sunlight) are guidelines you can use to help your body befriend the sun (again). There are alternative sunscreens, but I have not tried them myself. A lot of natural products like almond oil or coconut oil have natural SPF as well. Pure Aloe vera is a great one to moisturize the skin after sunbathing or sunburn!

Face/body cream
I never felt called to use bodybutter or cream as it felt as if my skin became sealed, not able to breathe and sticky. My legs are so dry my whole life that they make a pattern on my skin 🤣 but even when I tried to use creams it never went away. I now use coconut oil when my skin is dry, but I prefer using nothing. I used to think this came from laziness or not thinking I’m worth the care, but I just don’t like it on my body.

I didn’t use deo for a long time, but starting using this in my teenage years was definitely induced by social norms and anxiety and not my body’s needs. At that time I was sweating so much that I got stains. I felt so ashamed of my own body that I bought Odorex, to dab it on my armpits so it would clog the sweat glands (like WHY?). After a couple of weeks I got a lump in my armpit and that scared me so much I stopped using it and just adjusted the materials of my clothing so you couldn’t see the stains (still feeling ashamed of my body). After that I only used deodorant rarely. After using it once in February after two years or so I got a lump again, which disappeared after three weeks. But that was really the sign from my body to not use it. I rather use a papertowel and some water to wash my armpits when needed.

I stopped using silicon and paraben hairproducts in 2019 when I started the Curly Girl method. I used a lot of products for this method, but it didn’t feel good to me, so I stopped using the after shower products and just used coconut oil to moisturize. I regularly use Indian Amla hair oil, from which I don’t like the smell but my hair likes it. There was a period I didn’t use shampoo or conditioners and I discovered that my hair became less rapidly greasy by washing it with water only. But I chose using shampoo again because I enjoyed the smell. Now I’m trying out different Curly Girl approved, as natural as possible shampoos to see what my hair likes.
Water is actually enough to cleanse your body and face. I use facewash everyday, but more from habit and I like to try and experience a period of going without. Bodywash I don’t use every shower, but when I feel like it mostly because I enjoy the smell when using it. I didn’t find a natural brand yet that I want to try so if anyone has recommendations please let me know!
For baths I love using Epsom Salts and I’m intending to experiment with herbs more when I have a bath again in a couple of months!

For a couple of years now I’m using fluoride free toothpaste. Fluoride is toxic for us (even in small amounts) and also inflyences the pineal gland, blocking your third eye and influencing sleep/wake cycles.

There are beautiful ancient Indian techniques to help with mouth hygiene like oil pulling with coconut/sesame oil or using a tonguescraper. Poor health of mouth and gums is related to diseases of heart and bloodstream, so oral health is important.

I know there are beautiful natural products out there, but I don’t know them very well, as I hardly wear make-up since one year besides mascara and lipstick occasionally. I have semi permanent make-up on my eyebrows.
Before that time I used lipstick, eyebrowpencils, eyeliner, mascara and nailpolish. I never felt called to use foundation, because it felt like covering myself up.
I stopped using nailpolish as well as it’s very toxic as well. There are non-toxic alternatives available tho, but I haven’t explored that for myself.
Not wearing make-up not only saved me time in the morning, but it also feels liberating. Appreciating my natural looks feels nice, not feeling like I should look different than I do.

Please share your recommendations on natural beauty products or recipes in the comments if you feel called!

The next Conscious Consuming topic will be about Relationships!

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