Series: Conscious Consuming

What do you allow into your life and is it beneficial to you?

We are energy and always interacting with our environment, so what you get exposed to in whatever way has an energetic effect on you.

To be in the best energetic state as possible we have to be aware of what we expose ourselves to. It’s important to be in your best energetic state, because it makes you happier and healthier. You become stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, hence you align more to your sovereignity and truest Self.

When you raise your frequency you will discover you will stop aligning to certain things naturally, because the energetic match is gone. Things/situations/people will start disappearing from your reality organically.

The next upcoming days I will take you on a journey sharing my experiences and findings on how I started consuming consciously. We will go through subjects like food, but also media and relationships.

My intention is to inspire you to become the best version of yourself, aligning more to your true nature and bring you into your power so you can share your magic with the world even more. How that’s working best for you is up to you to feel into. For me personally I have to experience and feel before I adjust and can really embody. I never adjusted something because someone told me to do so and you don’t have to as well. We are not all the same and we are not all in the same place on our journeys. Make every choice a conscious one, so it’s aligned to you specifically.



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