Being grateful is a quick way to move from fear, feelings of stuckness and bad moods to lightness, joy and hope.

You could say you are switching your frequency from one level to another, as you do with a radio. You are changing the station. All stations are available at all times and we are capable of changing those stations at all times. We just need to become aware of our current station and redirect our awareness.

Not only will we change our mood, but also our reality. For example, when someone cuts you off in traffic you have different stations available. You could get angry, compassionate, frightned or relieved for instance. All frequencies will have different ripple effects on the rest of your carride, but probably also your day. And even bigger on the rest of your life as well, as it effects your general view and perspective subtly, but surely.

So what are you grateful for today? Share with us 3 things (small or big) in the comments and let’s propogate gratitude together!

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