Karma is created by our actions (not thoughts or feelings) and can be positive or negative. Not in the sense of punishment or reward, for there’s no judgement. Only the mind judges good or bad. An action is just an action.

Karma is the natural consequence of our action. Just as a rock inevitably brings a ripple to water when you throw it in there. The ripple depends on how you throw the rock.

Actions stemming from your soul and thus being aligned to you, bring other ripples than actions from the ego mind.

Whether an action is positive or negative is specific for you, there’s no size fits all.
It has to do with whether the action is aligned to your soul or not. And that’s different for everybody, as we are all unique streams of Source.

Expanding your consciousness and aligning to your soul more through inner work and healing brings awareness in the now moment. Gifting you conscious choices and actions and create more positive karma.

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