Grounding is such an important aspect on the spiritual path. You could say it’s the startingpoint. Without it you can’t ground higher consciousness into your life and this world, which can lead to escapism and blocks in lifeforce energy and manifestation abilities.

In essence we are pure consciousness. Our human body gives us the opportunity to do, experience, learn and therefore grow our souls. Due to (past-life) trauma the process of grounding can be heavily disturbed. We may have learned it’s not safe to be in the body and feel what’s there and learn to dissociate from it. We start living from our minds and lose touch with our true essence and intuition.

When we start grounding we learn to be more present with what is happening inside of us and nurture that with acceptance and compassion. We create more safety in ourselves and therefore also with others around us. We learn how to heal ourselves, as our body and intuition get permission to be our guide again. We become more aware of our needs and boundaries and start honouring our essence again.

So how can you ground yourself? In all practices awareness is key.
✦  Moving your body is a big one! Dancing, walking, yoga, sex and sports. It’s all possible as long as it’s done with attention and awareness.
✦ Become more aware of your emotions and thought patterns and how they get expressed through the body.
✦ Meditation and breathwork. Learn to observe yourself and being present in the here and now with all there is.

These are just a few examples, there are so many options! What helps you to ground?

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