Love is the strongest, most
transformational force on our planet

“Priya creates a pleasant atmosphere to discuss issues. I felt that I myself was in charge of the conversation in a casual setting. I felt at ease within minutes. I look back with pleasure on the ‘collaboration’ and recommend this practitioner wholeheartedly”


One-on-one coaching


What is keeping you from manifesting your dreams & goals?


These 1 on 1 sessions are suitable for all areas of personal growth and expansion. This could be finding new love or new career, learning a new skill like communicating, connecting to your emotions more or healing psychological ailments.

Heal and Grow


Relationship Coaching


Do you want to connect more to yourself and your partner on a deeper level?


We will focus on what is needed for your relationship to let love flow freely again; healing blocks, improving communication and safety, resolving relationship attachment trauma and/or sacred sexuality.

Reconnect with Love




How will personal development help your business thrive?


Are you willing to meet yourself where they are at? Whether you are just starting your business or you’re an experienced entrepreneur – I will help you build conditions for your business to thrives, while you do what you do best; building your passion.

Expand and Thrive